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Dr. Liz Alexander

Dr. Liz Alexander is the author of ten non-fiction books. A former freelance journalist, she has written hundreds of articles for publications ranging from British Airways’ Business Life magazine and Harvard Business Press newsletters to Human Resources and Training magazines. She is a former editor of Success Now magazine in the UK, and was a BBC TV presenter prior to immigrating to the US.

And now, she is The Book Doula, providing her consulting, coaching and marketing expertise to entrepreneurs, service providers, corporate executives and other subject matter experts who need help birthing their ideas in book form so that they can benefit from this promotional tool.

Successful non-fiction books typically sell 7,500 copies. Two of her titles have sold 150,000 copies each; the total for all ten is close to half a million copies. The majority of books never earn back their advance. She’s received royalty checks for over ten years. It is that experience and success her Book Doula coaching so invaluable to her many clients.

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