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Submit Wordpreneur Toolbox

If you know of a tool or resource you think would be helpful to other wordpreneurs, just fill out and submit the form below.

The description just gives Wordpreneur basic info about it. If you have any comments, notes, etc., add it here. There’s space.

Publishing any tool or resource submitted is totally at Wordprener’s discretion, of course.

For End Users.  Share any tools/resources you think other wordpreneurs will find helpful. You can do it anonymously, but if you provide your name and website link, you will be credited along with a backlink to the URL you provide below. (Except to affiliate or other shady links, so don’t even bother.)

For Publishers. It doesn’t have to be a free tool or resource. Better chance of it being shared if it’s free or structured under the freemium model, though.

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