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Your AdSense/Affiliate Codes

If you don’t have them yet, sign up for free accounts at the following ad networks/affiliate programs

Joining any of them is completely optional, but note that these are the three current revenue generators implemented on Wordpreneur, and you’ll need to have accounts to participate in and make any money from the 90:10 ad impression split deal.

It’s been a while, but if memory serves, acceptance into both the MyHelpHub and Clickbank programs is practically instantaneous. I think it may take a day or so, however, for Google to review and approve your AdSense application.

The good news is that your AdSense/affiliate codes can be added or changed here at Wordpreneur at any time, with any new or updated information automatically reflected on all your posts.

To Add/Change Your Codes on Wordpreneur

After logging in and while at the WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Click on Your AdSense/Affiliate Codes.
  2. In the Your Advertising ID field, enter your Google AdSense code. The code looks something like this: pub-5552682448246243
  3. Enter your Clickbank Aff Code. This is your Clickbank Nickname or username (mine, for example, is prolinkz).
  4. Enter your MyHelpHub Aff Code. It’ll be a 5- or 6-digit number. Mine is 12124.
  5. Click on the Save Changes button, and that should do it!

Just leave a field blank if you don’t have the information. You can always come back and update these fields later when you do, and info will be automatically applied to all your Wordpreneur posts, published and forthcoming.

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