Who’s Your Host?

If you’re looking for Web hosting for your site, one of the most futile things to do is go to an active public forum and ask for Web hosting recommendations. You’ll got non-techies (or pseudos) telling you what they’re using—just gives you an idea which hosts market well—and affiliates trying to make a buck.

Useless. Here’s one way to get more reliable info:

Go find a site similar in scope to yours or what you envision you want your site to be. Functionally and technically (e.g., if your site’s running WordPress, go find a WordPress site). You’ll want a site that performs well, of course, or at least one that is satisfactory. Extra points if you’re a regular visitor to the site and know it’s solid.

Then go to Hosting Checker, enter the site’s URL, and Hosting Checker will tell you who the site is hosting with. Now that is useful information.

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