Product tours. You’ve probably seen and used them on websites you’ve visited. They’re those automated popups that appear layered on top of the existing site, pointing out and explaining the site’s various features and functions in sequence (the “tour”). They’re usually meant to sell you on what the site (typically a SAAS, or software as a service) can do for you. I often use these tours as a quick easy website/software primer if needed, and more often than not, they’re good enough for me to skip needing to skim the instructions entirely.

Want one of these product tours for your own site? That’s what Usetiful gives you, and a few other features as well, like adding popup “Smart Tips” to your site’s pages.

Usetiful has a free option, which lets you implement one product tour and a page with smart tips, for up to 2,000 assists a month.

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