Userway Accessibility Widget

To make your site more accessible to folks with visual challenges and disabilities (and, of course, help make your site more ADA and WCAG compliant), install and use this free widget from Userway. What does it do? See it in action for yourself!

In the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll see a universal accessibility icon, like this one on the right. Click on it for the Accessibility Menu, which then shows a bunch of different tools that will visually transform this page you’re looking at in various ways to make it more readable, and without me needing to code a thing to make those transformations happen.

Userway gives you some script code, which you then simply add to the page you want it on, before that page’s closing </body> tag. I’ve actually got it set up to work through the whole site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link below takes you to the Userway page that more fully describes the widget, but there’s no mention of the free for life widget option (and no, it’s not just a free trial). No worries. Go ahead and click on the free trial button. You’ll go through the process of signing up and setting up an account. Through that process (the second screen, I think), choose the Free For Life! free widget option.

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