There’s no doubt about it—the Internet is the world’s biggest and most powerful time sink. Never before in mankind’s history has there been a time waster like the Net, from social media to a virtually endless supply of entertaining and—much worse—informative websites, the latter letting you pretend you’re productive when you know darn well you really aren’t.

Those of you who lack the self-discipline (you know who you are) to resist the Internet’s temptations need a tool to fight back, and if you use the Chrome browser, this free extension may just be that tool.

StayFocusd lets you easily block whole websites or custom URLs. Add sites to the Blocked Sites list, you can set the maximum amount of time per day it allows you to access sites on the list. You can schedule which hours in the day it will be active, even impose a difficult (but not impossible) challenge before you can change any settings in case you’re a weakling.

Want an industrial strength solution? It provides a Nuclear Option for you hopeless cases, where it blocks sites for the number of hours you specify independent of your Active Hours. You can tell it to block ALL sites, not just the ones in your list. This one you can’t cancel once activated! Does the option work? Heck if I know; I’m too scared to try it.

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