Save Text to Google Drive

This free Chrome extension’s reason for being is so specialized, most won’t ever know it exists. But a few of us wordpreneurs will likely find it useful, convenient, and a productive addition to our respective toolboxes for the specialized, relatively simplistic task it does:

It saves a webpage’s text to a file on your Google Drive account. Just like its name says. Yeah, you’ll need Drive (free, gives you 15GB of cloud storage among other things, get one; if you already use Gmail, it’ll take just a few clicks). Installing and setting it up is quick and easy.

Navigate to any webpage online, say any one of these Toolbox posts, click on the Save Text to Google Drive icon on your Chrome toolbar, and it saves all the text it finds on that page to a file on your Drive, which you can then do with what you will with Google Docs (comes with Drive, which many of us actually use for serious writing).

It isn’t smart enough to know which text on the page you’ll likely want, so it scrapes and saves all of it. But it’s easy enough to ignore/delete all the detritus for the meat.

That’s it. That’s what it does. It was a big help with a recent project, saving me the trouble of needing to zoom around constantly all over the place with the info I needed to work with all in one place. I’m sure I’ll find lots of other uses for it. Maybe you will too.

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