I’ve never really been big on integrated or “do everything” software and apps, where their publishers try to combine different productivity apps and functions into a single tool. What I often find are that the separate functions are just so-so at best when compared to their standalone single purpose competitors; at worst, for whatever reason, some functions are simply unusable for my purposes or how I like to do things, or are so horribly built or inadequate, even with cool useful parts, the negs just render the expense silly.

So seeing that Notion sometimes likes to bill itself “The All-In-One Workspace,” I wasn’t so enthusiastic about checking it out. Seeing as how I’ve come across quite a number of folks who use it, I got curious and moved it up my todo list.

Well color me surprised! Notion may very well work its way onto to the selection of tools I use regularly. It usually takes a while for any tool to become a personal regular, but I really like what I see so far!

Not quite easy to describe and something you’ll have to play with, it’s like a hybrid note-taker and task manager, with some really smart easy to figure out features you probably didn’t think you needed, but once you start fiddling with them, your head starts thinking of ways you could put them to use immediately. The well-designed and fairly intuitive layout and interface is a major plus, and probably a major factor why the whole thing seems so naturally sensible; I haven’t needed to look at any of its documentation yet. (I’m particularly enamored with its Task List capabilities—the template and functionality seem designed for just the way I like to do things.)

Notion is actually built for both personal (free!) and team use. Definitely worth a play-through to see if the way it does this will work for you and your projects.

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