Do you often find yourself in online meetings? The kind you need to spend even more time going over again, assuming you have recordings, to make notes, pull out key points and takeaways from, etc., often enough at least that it’s a significant time sink, if not a chore?

Instaminutes may prove to be a huge timesaver for you. Maybe even a good tool to help you handle the amount of info you need to manage and keep on top of.

It not only records and takes live notes (audio to text conversion) of your meetings, it uses AI to detect and select key takeaways from the meeting for you.

I don’t anticipate using it for any actual meetings—I detest meetings with a passion, consider most of them the biggest waste of irreplaceable time and the ultimate example of busywork, so I’m pretty good at avoiding the hell out of them—but it does have a place in my toolbox for those occasional online interviews I need to do for writing projects.

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