Daily Todo

I’m frankly not too sure about this one, but it does deliver exactly what it promises: a way to maintain a simple todo list online, with a bare minimum of frills.

Want an exercise in simplicity? Try registering and logging in. You can’t. The option does not exist at all. You just go to the site and start a list of tasks to do or keep track of.

There are no instructions except for the minimal amount of handy prompts and descriptions. You can have and be working off of a list in very short order. When you finish a task, click in its checkbox to mark it as done.

It maintains a daily historical record of the task, letting you see-at-a-glance whether you missed doing anything in previous days. Although the developer doesn’t say it (as I said, there are no instructions), I think we can figure out that this tool is meant particularly for recurring daily tasks.

Here’s why I wasn’t sure about this resource: it’s not like you can’t write down and maintain a list on a sheet of paper to basically accomplish what this tool delivers. Or you can just do a list with a text editor on your computer if you want to be all techie.

It does, however, have two things going for it that may pique your interest. The first is its “recurring daily tasks” approach, good for managing and tracking what I call daily chores. Get those off whatever more complex task management software you’re using, assuming you even put little daily recurring work chores on there to begin with; I find that they often just clutter things up, and having this separate easy-to-use tool to list and track those chores could definitely be a workable and convenient solution.

The second is that the list is stored online and shareable. You won’t find instructions—surprise!—that teach you how to do it, but it’s easy enough to figure out. After you create your list, look at your browser’s address bar, and you’ll see a unique code at the end of the address. Just copy and save that whole link with the unique code, and use it to access the list with whatever machine or mobile browser you’re on. Can’t do that with a paper list, or easily with a local text file.

As long as you’re clear on what this thing can and can’t do, I bet you can find ways to put it to work.

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