Autofill Form Filler

You already know what a formfiller basically does: it automatically fills out online forms for you. There’s quite a number of these formfillers out there, and they usually have their own approach and way of doing things. Autofill’s the one I like working with, and have been using for a while. Mainly because to me, it seems to be the best at doing what I like to use formfillers for, which you’ll learn more about here.

Note that Autofill is a free Chrome extension. Even if you’re using a different browser, read through this post anyway, so you’ll have a better idea about the kind of work I’ve got Autofill performing, and what functionality to look for as you evaluate similar tools for your own browser.

There are a lot of really useful webapps out there. Some, although highly capable, are technically simple, basic, little more than well designed and implemented standard webforms, and lacking some critical feature that would make them ultra productive tools. Like the ability to save and recall data you enter for future reuse. Yesterday’s Basic Resume Generator featured tool is one of those.

That’s where Autofill comes into play for me: It gives webapps like that the ability to save and reuse project data, eliminating the butt pain from having to keep reentering the same data over and over again.

With the Basic Resume Generator, for instance, I have Autofill save different versions (or “profiles,” as Autofill calls them) of a resume for various purposes, such as one with basic standard reoccurring boilerplate info, other resumes for different freelance writing niches, another for WordPress development, etc. I’ll just quickly call up whatever I need to use (or alter) from Autofill’s menu of saved profiles. Voila! Now the technically simple Basic Resume Generator has a “save” feature!

Tip: Autofill has way more form-filling features you’ll want to explore. I’ve also found it best to keep it in Manual mode (where it doesn’t automatically kick in and fill in forms when you first visit a site, and need to manually activate Autofill to use it) for the purpose I’ve described above.

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