NaturalReader Text-to-Speech

Wordpreneurs don’t have to think too hard to come up with uses for a decent text-to-speech generator—YouTube videos, tutorials, yada yada. The hard part is finding a decent one that doesn’t sound too much like, well, robotic crap (you’ll maybe notice that some vids you come across on YouTube miss that mark).

NaturalReader is a decent one.

Its free level is for personal use without registering, but to wordpreneurs, that’s just good for testing and playing with to check out how the basics work. But you’ll find it does a pretty good job, and I think its monthly subscription is quite reasonable if you have a need for it.

Here’s a test clip I created. Click on the Play button when you get there. You’ll notice it even handles the “Wordpreneur” part well, something that often trips up other text-to-speech generators.

Have fun!

NOTE: No, I wouldn’t use this—or any other text-to-speech generator, for that matter—to create audiobooks.

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