Here’s another quick-and-easy polling tool, much like Nopsie. But while Nopsie is better suited for internal teams and smaller groups, asking poll takers to identify themselves, Minipoll is anonymous, aimed for use as a public polling tool. Like readers of your blog.

No accounts and signups needed. Anyone can go over to Minipoll and immediately start creating a single question poll. When done, the poll goes live instantly. You get a unique link to the poll you can share.

Poll results are tallied dynamically. After voting, a poll taker sees the total number of people who’ve taken the poll, and the vote percentages for each option. That’s all the data you get; do the easy math if you want the actual numbers for each option.

It lets you upload a logo or graphic to help “brand” the poll, which you’ll see I did with the test poll (link below). It shrinks whatever you upload and puts it up on the upper left corner of the screen. Take note that you’ll want a horizontal-styled image like what I used; a small squarish one will be practically invisible, I feel, since in use it’ll be greatly reduced in size.

Minipoll also gives you a QR code graphic (nice touch!) that you can use to get folks to your poll. You can try the one for the test poll below.

NOTE: Minipoll has basic functionality that prevents folks from voting more than once. I figured out how to easily game that “security,” however, letting me vote as many times as I want. I’m not telling you how, but you can probably figure it out yourself, since it requires no real technical wizardry. Which means I really wouldn’t rely on it if you need accurate counts. It’d do well as a marketing tool, however, or if all you want to get is a general feel or trend.

Here’s the link to the test poll:

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