Link Transformer for Social Media

Here’s a really specialized, esoteric tool, but for those among you who periodically face the problem it solves, I know you’ll appreciate it greatly.

The problem: On some social media and messaging platforms, whenever you type in a URL or even just a domain name, it’s automatically transformed into a live, clickable link. Even if you don’t want it to. Worse, sometimes a thumbnail and description of that site or link will automatically be appended to the bottom of your post, featured, obviously meant to draw attention to it. That can be undesirable, like if that link isn’t the point of your post at all. (The text format that will trigger that behavior can differ from platform to platform.)

This Link Transformer tool takes care of that problem. Just type in the text with the link or domain name in it. Click on the Transform Links button, and out comes the processed text that you can copy and paste to your social media post or message. This time, though, the domain name or link URL will not automatically turn into a live link, and will display as nothing more than plain text.

A must bookmark for when you need it. 

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