Wayback Machine

Here’s another useful oldie. It actually surprises me how many writers and wordpreneurs I encounter who don’t know it. So here it is.

The Wayback Machine takes content “snapshots” of websites periodically, and files it away for that date for any of us to look through whenever. So, if I wanted to know what I had right here on Wordpreneur way back in 2007, a quick check on Wayback shows that it took a bunch of snapshots throughout the year. Here’s what Wordpreneur looked like in April 26, 2007.

It doesn’t have every site in its archives—the smaller/newer the site, the less likely Wayback has spidered it for inclusion—but you’d be surprised. It’s actually a great research tool, particularly if there used to be info on a site that’s not there now <wink  wink>.


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