Namelix Business Name Generator

Although I don’t have difficulty coming up with decent brandable names for businesses, products, publications, projects, etc., I’ve been having lots of fun playing with this one!

Namelix gives you a bunch of ideas and possibilities—good ones—for business names. And as I implied above, they’re great for product and other names too. It does it based on keywords you enter. One of my playtests, for example, was for the keywords writing and entrepreneur.

How Namelix differs significantly from other name generators out there that simply mix-and-match word lists—not a difficult nor even a particularly clever task for computers—is that it uses AI tech, which then allows it to let you choose from a number of “style” options for the names you want it to generate. Name styles like real words (Apple), alternate spelling (Lyft), and compound words (FedEx), to name a few. It can even pump out clever non-English words and short phrase name ideas, both of which I find particularly intriguing and imagination stimulating.

A nice touch: It presents each of its name ideas in a different professional-looking custom logo design, giving you a nice, even powerful, visual feel for the name’s potential in real world use.

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