Good Book Cover Designs

Just sneaking in a bit of Wordpreneur self-promo here. It’s a useful resource, so why the heck not?

Ever since buying books through the Net has been a thing, I’ve habitually saved images of real world book cover designs to folders on the various computers I’ve used through the years. I look through them for design ideas and inspiration for when I do my own stuff. I usually just lose them and start a new folder whenever I change machines.

But sometimes I stumble across a backup copy of a folder here and there, like I did recently. It’s got about 150 covers. I figure I may as well post them to a section on this site for you all to access and use. Besides, with them on the site, I won’t be losing them anymore whenever I inevitably change machines.

So, that’s what I’m doing. Instead of just dumping them here all at once, I’m gradually easing them on; to make the resource a bit more useful, I’ve decided to also organize the cover images by genre while I’m at it. On top of which, I’m adding new book covers to the collection as well, now and moving forward; the resource is for my own use, too, after all! Looks like the whole thing is shaping up pretty well.

How do I select the covers? Simple: If it catches my eye, good chance it’ll get added to the collection. That’s why various genres are represented, and why you’ll see a number of old titles and cover designs in the mix as well. Catching my eye—or anyone’s for that matter—isn’t as easy as it sounds, mind you, when you consider they usually have to do it while buried in a page full of book cover thumbnails, or the typical webpage packed with visual elements all calling for attention.

So, this means that just because something is decently designed professionally doesn’t mean it automatically deserves and gets added to the collection. It’ll need to set itself apart somewhat. Otherwise the Romance category will be overflowing with covers featuring that same impossibly good-looking billionaire with the bare torso, his humongous pecs and perfectly defined abs conveniently on full display. Sure, good for book marketing purposes, but not quite Wordpreneur collection-worthy.

By the way, it’s really easy to use: Just click on a thumbnail that interests you, and a larger image will appear on the screen. No descriptions to wade through, no links to their corresponding Amazon sales pages. They’re purely there for their stated intended use: visual ideas and inspiration. Have fun!

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