CannedTXT Business Canned Responses

This resource is a model of simplicity with just enough tech mixed in to make it a tad more useful. Nothing fancy, but it works.

CannedTXT is a collection of “canned” responses and statements in business communications, like emails. They’re all on a single, easy-to-navigate webpage. Just scroll down to a category (e.g., Customer Support), select one of the generic and fairly common statements that you use in these communiques (e.g., Thank you for contacting us), and you’ll be presented with a bunch of options to choose from (“Thanks for the message! We’ll be in touch shortly.”)

You can, of course, simply copy-and-paste what you want. You can probably also get a lot more mileage treating them as easy-to-customize-and-personalize prompts for your own communications.

CannedTXT’s surprisingly robust collection of useful categories and responses won’t win you a Pulitzer in business communications, but I bet they’ll help speed you through a lot of this kind of “chore” writing.

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