The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack

Granted, this collection of free fonts is highly specialized and may be of little use to you. But is that really the case? Frankly, many of us who were working with these machines before the turn of the century recognize these fonts, and may even subconsciously positively react to them.

It’s great for giving any visual that old school look, of course. But they can also be pretty good for “screen” text, and definitely for software code (they’re all monospaced).

Important thing to note is that there isn’t just one or two of them, but a whole bunch of different ones—each different main PC brand basically used its own, generally homebrewed, screen font. The sample below is one that everyone will likely be most familiar with, the IBM PC’s basic screen font. It’s not the best among them, I think, but if recognition’s important, this is it.

Oh, you get to download the whole pack, in pretty much every useful format you’ll need, in one archived ZIP file. Just use what you want.

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