It’s mighty name notwithstanding, there’s not really much to this tool, but it can be a simple, quick and easy graphics tool for those among you who can use what it delivers. (Pairing it up with another free tool, though, can make it a lot more versatile. See the tip at the bottom.)

On an aside, I wasn’t sure why it’s a Chrome extension instead of a simple website; there’s nothing about it that requires browser integration. Its developer mentioned, however, that he wanted to learn how to program a Chrome extension. So here we are.

What Megatext helps you create are very simple animated banners. Enter text, choose an animated background from its small selection, fiddle with a few of the options, and out pops a static image or animated GIF (your choice).

Here’s the test GIF I made. It looks pretty cool. Right off the bat, though, you’ll see a possible issue: it’s fairly huge. That one’s 400×229 pixels. It’s also the largest font size it lets us do. Unfortunately, Megatext doesn’t give us any resizing or cropping options.

But EZgif does. And that’s the tip: Use it with other tools that can crop or resize animated GIFs—not a small task, since animated GIFs are technically made up of multiple static images, stacked and played back in sequence (which means their filesizes can also get really humongous)—and it opens up a lot of possibilities for putting Megatext to work.

Like this one. I used EZgif to crop the test image. Cropped, not just resized; the text and animated background are exactly the same size as they appear on the original. Multiple tools. See how toolboxes work?

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