Highlightify Text on Images

Incredibly useful, I’ve long been using a Photoshop-caliber image editing tool to do what this does, a process not even close to being this easy, or even with results this good!

Highlightify lets you highlight text on an image, like, say, a website screen capture. That’s it. That’s its reason for being. And boy, does it come in handy.

Just load up the image, select the color and highlight size, and highlight away. It’s pretty intuitive. I wasn’t expecting this feature: It also seems to detect the lines of text, making it easy to highlight in perfectly straight lines. Cool!

Check out the test I did below. Using the Windows built-in Snipping Tool, I captured a portion of the WeekToDo post, and added a highlight (which you can see isn’t in the original post). Didn’t take me more than just a few minutes from capture to a new image file with highlights added.

NOTE: Highlightify still seems to be a bit buggy. I couldn’t get its Undo and Redo features to work, for instance. Save frequently!

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