Branding Mockups

Remembering how we used to do these product mockups back in the day, I can’t help but be incredibly impressed by how much tech has leapt forward.

Want to visualize your logo, brand, or any design concept you’ve created for that matter, imprinted on clothes and other products? And realistically, not in that cheesy fake-looking way mockups looked not too long ago. Check this out.

Placeit creates these mockups. That’s what they do. High quality visual assets for branding and marketing. They have a huge library, but a robust selection of free ones are available for us to use, even commercially. Choose which product image of theirs you want, upload your logo or graphic, and it spits out the image with your upload integrated, to view and download. And I think you’ll be as impressed as I am!

Here are two I generated with the Wordpreneur logo. Now try telling me these don’t look life-like:

I’ve barely even explored all the free mockup images Placeit has graciously given us to play with. I think you’re going to enjoy yourself there.

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