Avataaars Generator

Need a neat, unique-enough avatar for your social media accounts and/or video communication platforms like Zoom? Something you can quickly and easily customize to look more or less like you, even though you don’t have an artistic bone in your body? Check out the free Avataaars Generator.

It lets you create and generate a “custom” avatar by simply selecting features from drop-down menus—skin, eyes, facial hair, clothes, etc. When you’re done, download it to a PNG or SVG file, and that’s it! No need to register/sign in to make use of it, either. Here’s one I quickly pumped out:

Besides the slick graphics quality, what I probably find most appealing about this tool is its simplicity. There are just enough options for you to likely create an avatar that resembles you, but not so many that you get bogged down using it.

One thing I noticed, however, is the image file I downloaded wasn’t a perfect square—528×560 pixels, to be exact. Many platforms seem to use square images. Not really a big issue; platforms usually let you crop images down to squares, and if you want to do it yourself so you never have to be hassled about it ever, just go use a site like ILoveIMG. Have fun!

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