Like yesterday’s Megatext, 3dtexttogif lets you enter a text string (up to 3 lines), then it spits out a good-sized animated GIF banner, which it calls a “GIF sticker.” The difference this time is the background’s transparent—the text is the animated part.

Even better: the text is rendered in 3D. You choose the font to use from its modest selection.

Pleasantly surprising is it also provides a relatively high degree of customization and control over the animated text. Play with the slider controls of the various options to see what each does to the animated text’s look and behavior practically in real-time. What you see is what you get. When you’re satisfied, just click on Create GIF Sticker, then download your new animated GIF. Simple!

Still, the resulting image is fairly large. The test image I created had a 400 pixel width. But nothing EZgif can’t handle, which I used to turn the image into the 200 pixel wide version you see here. Click on it to see the original 400 pixel wide image on a separate tab.

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