Done right, raffles are a great way to attract people and traffic to your site.  It’s a classic technique that simply works. Holding a real world one is easy enough to do. Having one online, however, may be a bit more involved. Not much more, mind you, but just enough for the less technically adept to have some difficulty with.

You’ll need an online entry form, for one, so folks can enter the raffle and you can collect contact information. You’ll probably want to send an entry confirmation email to the entrant for their records. When the time comes, randomly select the winner(s). Those are the basics, something I could pull off quickly with nothing but WordPress. If you aren’t quite technically capable, however, take a look at Rafflecopter to help do all of that for you.

It has a free tier that’s robust enough to be quite useful. It’ll let you hold unlimited giveaways and accommodate unlimited entries using its standard entry form. You can download all the data it collects to a CSV file. It even integrates with Facebook and Twitter. Then you can have it select your winner(s). It’s got all the tech basics you’ll need to hold your very own raffles, and without needing to get your hands too dirty futzing around with your site.

Go ahead and try it out. Let me know if you do, and maybe I’ll enter.

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