Help a Reporter Out

I remember when Help a Reporter Out (HARO) first came on the scene back in the late 2000s—instantly useful, with a simple basic service “journalists” and “sources” needed. Glad to see it’s pretty much stayed the course after all these years.

HARO is easy enough to understand. Reporters need to write news, articles, stories. They need sources for what they’re writing about. They post what stories they’re working on and the info they need. HARO sends out a regular free email categorizing and listing all these stories, with a way to contact the reporter. Subscribers (businesses, publishers, authors, etc.) look through those emails, checking to see if any of the stories are a good match for them and what they have to offer, for potential free publicity opportunities.

Told you it’s simple. And it’s brilliant. Wordpreneur and other projects I was involved with got some nice coverage and traffic years ago as sources for various national stories. I could do the very same thing again. So can you.

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