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Now in the more convenient and useful roundup format, Wordpreneur Reader will be released 3X a week — MWF — at around 9am est, and each edition will have at least 10-12 links to articles, blog posts and other useful content you’ve come to expect from Wordpreneur. Enjoy! 

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  • How to Create an Anonymous Email Account
    • “What do you do if you want to set up an email address that is completely secret and nameless, with no obvious connection to you whatsoever without the the hassle of setting up your own servers?”
  • Tips for Better To-Do Lists
    Elizabeth Spann Craig
    • “I have become something of a to-do list aficionado. I’ve been religiously using lists since having children. That’s over 20 years of list making… I’ve changed the way I’ve handled lists over the years and have adapted other people’s methods into my own process.”

Indie Author/Publishing

  • Amazon Won Arbitration That Addresses The Six-Figure ‘Book Stuffing’ Kindle Scam
    • “[T]he petition also identified another practice in violation of Kindle’s terms: The act of ‘combining selections of works they had already published into purportedly new books.’ It’s a much-hated move that’s called ‘book stuffing’ by the self-publishing community.”
  • Author Email Marketing. Separating the facts from fiction
    BookViral Blog
    • “There is an overwhelming tendency in indie publishing for authors to follow trends and no better example than in the building and growing of powerful mailing lists. To many authors, it’s considered the single most important element of their book marketing strategy but it’s often hard to define meaningful numbers underpinning this viewpoint.”
  • The Complete Guide to Ebook Distribution
    • “Before you can get your book up on different ebook stores, you’ll need a couple of things: your properly formatted ebook files and a professional cover design.”
  • Writing Fiction: Series Magic (and Profits)
    Just Write A Book Blog
    • “What if there were a way you could promote your self-published ebooks painlessly? There is, and it’s simple: write in series. (Or write a serial.)”




  • 7 Ways to Correct a Failing Marketing Strategy
    Strong Content
    • “You aren’t seeing the results you predicted, and from what you can tell, your return on investment (ROI) is either negligible or negative… You don’t want to abandon your strategy altogether, so what can you do to correct it?”
  • Why Mobile Messaging Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy
    TopRight Partners
    • “Mobile messaging has become an attractive channel for business professionals to quickly exchange information with 80 percent of people using text messaging for business. Messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, We Chat, and others have over 2 billion users globally.”
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