Restoring/Recovering Your WordPress Site

How you restore or recover your compromised WordPress website will naturally depend on a number of important factors. The most critical, of course, is whether you actually have a backup at all to restore and recover from. No backups? As they say, you’re just sh*t out of luck.

Do those backups!!!

Assuming you’re a good kiddo and do backups, how you restore/recover will clearly depend on what “solution” you use. As you may know, there are tons of different technical solutions, systems, platforms, yada yada, out there. Best know exactly which one you’ve been using.

Although you’re practically locked into a solution once you start using it, at least if you want to restore backup files you’ve saved with it, sometimes luck’s on your side, and its backup files can be used directly with a manual restore process. That’s when you get your hands all dirty playing around with WordPress’s actual guts. 

So, how do you do a manual restore? Good news: That’s where this easy-to-follow article I came across and added to the Wordreneur Reader comes in handy. It’s got the techie process explained and guided nicely in just 5 steps. It’s also got a pretty good overview of other WordPress backup/restore solutions as well, great if you’re trying to sort this all out and want to know what options are available to you. Best bookmark it.

While you’re at the Reader, may as well explore all the other posts you’ll find there with summaries and links to really useful wordpreneur-related info. Have fun!

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