One Reason to Use an Inflation Calculator: Relatability

A friend browsing through the site asked, “Why do you have an inflation calculator here?” Her implication, of course, is this calculator math BS is of no use on a site for wordpreneurs and writer-types. Just in case you were wondering too, here’s a perfect example why.

Saw this on Facebook about an hour ago. Saved it because the data is neat. It’s a picture of the McDonald’s menu back in 1972.

Lots of dropped-jaw commentary, whining on how things are so much more expensive nowadays, blah blah. The usual silly comments that accompany nostalgic pricing information.

It’s silly because they forget and/or don’t consider that we’d likely have far less cash in our pockets then to begin with, and we’ll need to look at those 1972 prices with 2021 eyes and values. All we have to do is visit the inflation calculator the Toolbox leads us to, plus do a bit of googling, and we can easily figure out the following:

  • That 70-cents for the Quarter Pounder with Cheese is equivalent to about $4.60 in today’s dollars.
  • The menu price of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese today is $3.79.

That means, with the US dollar’s purchasing power in 2021, the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese is cheaper today than it was in 1972.

If I were an editor at a magazine, this is the kind of relatable detail I’d like to see from a freelancer. And as shown above, it’s farking easy info to get. That’s why calculators have a major place here on this site.

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