Let’s Get Ready to Monetize!

There are so many ways to “monetize” writing and related activities. Probably a good idea to focus many of my notes on this topic moving forward.

I’ll just plonk them here as they come to me, in bits and pieces, a stream of consciousness thing, as I attend to my own stuff and my psyche jumps all over the place as usual. So this’ll be like—surprise!—notes in a notebook.

WordPress tagging will likely suffice to keep it all adequately organized topically and retrievable. Maybe you noticed that on the right is a Tags link for a page with an alphabetical list of these tags; the link is also up in the main menu under Notebook.

I plan to keep these on the short side and resist my instinctive urge to overexplain. I figure you’ve got a brain, and don’t need to have everything spelled out for you. Let’s see if this works out. Onward.

As of now, I see three groups of writers for these notes:

  • Indie authors (fiction and non)
  • Freelance writers
  • Bloggers

Lots of overlap; it’d be interesting to see how many of you are in all three. Nonissue. Where monetization is concerned, the more you know about everything, the better.

Let’s get to work.

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