Comic Sans May Make You a Better Writer. I’m Not Kidding.

The very first time I saw the Comic Sans font, my lunch came right back up. Just kidding. I did, however, dislike it from the start, then I found out I wasn’t alone. Many others hated it, some violently. I don’t react quite that badly, but frankly, I can’t help but judge someone’s supposed “designer” credentials whenever I see Comic Sans in use.

Originally designed for that mid-90s software fiasco, Microsoft Bob, Comic Sans didn’t make it to Bob’s release. It was meant for Rover’s speech balloons. Rover was Bob’s cartoon dog. Let that sink in. Eventually, Comic Sans was released bundled into other Microsoft products, and here we are.

I bring it up not for design reasons (it really is butt ugly), but for writing. Through the years, I’ve come across quite a number of writers—novelists, freelancers, bloggers, you name it—who say they write with Comic Sans. As their screen font. They seem to write better with it, they say.

As someone who highly values and shares “solutions” that assist with the physical act of writing (like the mechanical keyboards in Wordpreneur Gear, the keyboard sound effects in Toolbox, etc.), this strange Comic Sans thing is something I can’t ignore. Too many of them claim it; do a Google search if you’re curious.

Just pointing it out as something you may want to consider trying. Can’t hurt. Heck, every little edge helps, no matter how ugly.

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