Wordpreneur News • Apr. 12, 2021

Wordpreneur is Back to Basics and Keeping it Simple

I first registered the wordpreneur.com domain way back in 1999. What I wanted to do was publish a regular ezine (which I was heavily into then) on pretty much everything that came to mind about “How to Make Money Writing.”

So I did. Soft-launched early in 2000. I didn’t know I had basically started a blog; I wasn’t even aware the word existed. But that’s what Wordpreneur was, in the homebrewed HTML site and ezine form I had it then.

It developed a decent following over a number of years, eventually reaching Writer’s Digest magazine’s list of “Top 100 Websites for Writers.” Cool!

Then my interest waned. Basically stopped adding new posts. Traffic was still coming in, and would for a number of years, actually, but it was basically a neglected site full of content just kept up and running. Long story short. the content went stale if not outright obsolete, and the traffic dried up.

Tried reviving it a few times through the years. revamping the site and often reinventing its purpose, but nothing that really held my interest for long.

Well, if there’s anything possibly good that may have come from this COVID mess, it’s given me time to reflect and think about it. And I’ve come to this conclusion:

I’m going back to the original, simple plan — a blog on “How to Make Money Writing” as I see it, currently. Without the emailed ezine part. I’ve long since soured on ezines; they no longer make any sense to me, except for very specific publishing models, none of which is anything I want to do at this point. Maybe I’ll do a post on this ezine thing someday.

But for now, the news is Wordpreneur is back to the original plan. Basic. Simple. Info. On anything that comes to me/tickles my fancy related to making money writing.

As I see it, I’ll be doing posts on the following topic areas:

  • Indie publishing
  • Freelance writing
  • Content+Ideas
  • Info+Reference
  • Web+Tech

Just about everything that interests me about being a wordpreneur, really. Those topic areas and categories will likely evolve as I proceed, but that’s what I’m sure I’ll be covering in the foreseeable future.

This blog will be called the Wordpreneur Notebook, mainly because I really don’t like the “blog” label, overused — and often misused — jargon that it has become.

That’s essentially the important core news. Now for some of the details that come along with the core:

  • I’ve decided to do away with much of the graphics and pictures that are so common on blogs and sites nowadays, predominantly totally useless graphics and pictures that bog things down all over the place, including in producing the blog itself. This will be a text heavy site. Come here for the information, not the pretty pictures. If you want pretty pictures, Google it — lots of sites out there with nothing but pretty pictures.
  • There will be advertising. Mostly automatically fed to the site by advertising networks. If you see a pretty picture, it’ll probably be an ad.
  • When I moved the site to WordPress around 2007, I believe, I enabled the neat WordPress comment/discussion functionality. Well, that was a spam magnet, both automated and users posting inane comments although it was transparent that all they wanted to do was post links to their sites or whatever crap they were promoting. No more. I’ve disabled commenting. The site’s contact form is there if you really really can’t resist the urge to give me feedback or share your opinion on any of my posts.
  • It’s not up yet as of this writing, but there will be an email mailing list, but for updates on new posts, not an ezine. Basic clean emails, no ads, just new post titles and links you can quickly glance through to see if it’s anything you want to check out. Simple. 
  • I’ve deleted a lot of old content. I retained a few (not much) that I think will still be useful, and will be for a while. Check out the Notebook to see what they are. Soon they’ll be pushed aside from view as I start posting new stuff.

I think that about covers the latest “news” and details for now. Let’s get to work!


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