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Wordpreneur Background/Overview

I’m Eldon Sarte, and I’ve published Wordpreneur for quite a number of years on my own as a “hobby” site, first as a straightforward HTML site and then changing over to the powerful WordPress blog platform. Writer’s Digest named Wordpreneur one of its 101 Best Websites for Writers 2005. It was a Google PR5 site a few short years ago when my wife and I had our first child and I had let the site slide a bit in popularity. Now we’re climbing our way back up, and we maintain a very healthy Twitter presence, where links to all posts and articles are automatically announced and shared with our followers — as of this writing, the Wordpreneur Twitter account has 20,177 followers and counting!

Questions Answered

What am I looking for? Articles of any length, Wordpreneur-related of course! The good news is that, as the “How to Make Money Writing” site, topic coverage is quite broad. Browse through the previous posts to get a feel for the kind of content Wordpreneur readers like to come here for.

Short is good! Submissions needn’t be long articles at all — many of my recent EGAD posts, for example, like EGAD #38, aren’t even 200 words. Short yet informative is perfectly fine… it may even be desirable for the typical online reader.

There really is no limit to how many articles you can submit for consideration (ergo, there is no limit to how many may end up running — good is good, and I’ll run the good stuff, spread out over time of course).

In case you’re wondering: Every post published on Wordpreneur is automatically broadcast to Wordpreneur’s Twitter followers and RSS feed subscribers.

Does the article have to be exclusive and not reprinted elsewhere? Short answer: No. If it’s good (or can be easily massaged into good) and my readers can benefit from the info you provide, then there’s a good chance that I’ll accept your article.

However, when you consider that there is absolutely no shortage of good, free non-exclusive articles available for me to reprint, your article really has to be good or better for me to want it.

Except if it’s a Wordpreneur-exclusive. As in the article will appear only on Wordpreneur and nowhere else. Exclusivity changes everything. State that your submission is a Wordpreneur exclusive, and good things will likely happen!

Will I edit your article/bio? If needed, yes. Notice I call it a bio, not a resource box. And that’s what Wordpreneur’s readers expect to see there, a bio that tells readers who you are and what you do. That does not mean you cannot self-promote, links and all! But the increasingly common practice of nothing but advertising crapola? It’ll get zapped.

If you have any additional questions, by all means, do please contact me!

Let’s Roll!

Couldn’t resist borrowing Todd Beamer’s battle cry. There’s no need to send a query first (unless you want to). When you’re ready to submit, just send your article (plain text or MS Word format) to the following email address:

  • submit [ AT ]

Don’t forget to change [ AT ] to @ !!!

You’ll hear back from me ASAP. Thanks!