Why I Became an Indie Author

“So, last week I let everyone know that being self-published is not free. While there are costs involved, and it can get quite expensive, this week I wanted to share a bit about the rewards. I know many may not want to hear this, but … money isn’t everything, nor is it a measure for success.

When I was ready to publish my first novel, I did some research. I looked into what it would take to get published in the tranditional way, even though I was fully aware of self-publishing and already aware of the vanity press trap that many fall into. In seeking the traditional publishing route, I realized I would have to send out dozens, scores, or even more copies of my manuscript to agents, but each such submission required specific formatting and an eye-catching cover letter, just to get the interest of the agent in question.

Now, that may not sound so bad, but when I learned that literally tens of thousands of authors would be sending to the exact same agent, I began to realize that a publishing agent would likely never even glance at my manuscript, much less read it, unless I was standing out in some way from the thousands of others. That was a very daunting thing to consider.”

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