How to Leverage Your Ebook for Paid Speaking Gigs


Here’s how you can use your ebook to help land your next paid speaking gig.

Stop Giving Everything Away for Free

The very first thing you must do, if you want to look valuable, is realize that you are valuable. You’ve heard that saying, ‘Don’t buy the cow if you can have the milk for free.’ And, why would you? Nobody else wants to pay for your books or your speaking services if they can get the exact information for free somewhere else.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop producing blog posts or free resources as bonuses for signing up for your email list. It does mean that you should start creating content (ebooks, etc.) that generates revenue as you upsell your leads and clients — but the content has to be out-of-this-world.

Instead of modestly skimming over a topic or set of topics in an unexciting way, your paid content needs to excite people to go where no one has gone before. If you’re going to sell an ebook, it must be original, in both title and subject matter.

What an Out-of-this-World Ebook Looks Like

Here are the elements of a buzz-worthy ebook:

  • Well-researched
  • Thoroughly edited
  • Solves a problem, addresses a fear, or satisfies a curiosity for your audience
  • Based on a topic you’re passionate about (this is especially important if you plan on using it as a tool to build authority on a topic you plan to
  • speak about)
  • Based on a topic you have experience with
  • Branded
  • Expands upon a topic you’ve already shared (in your free ebook, perhaps)
  • Can’t be found for free anywhere else”
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