Your promotion plan – Five authors share top tips for book publicity


Ready to tackle your own book publicity? Remember this advice from five of the Grand Central authors:

1. It is never too early to plan promotion. Never. —Erika Robuck

2. Become happily reconciled to the fact that you will do a lot of the promotion yourself. However committed your publicists are, nobody’s going to love your book as much as you do. Transpose that love into promotional energy. —Jenna Blum

3. Be open to everything. Change it up. Something that may have worked for your last book may not work for your next. Likewise, a promotional tool that you shied away from before may be your best asset now. Never let fear or anxiety hold you back from trying something new. You never know what doors it may open or what wondrous new readers you may be introduced to. —Sarah McCoy”

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