Publish Your Own Book: Self-Publishing Tips and Costs

How to Self-Publish an eBook or Print Book and How Much it All Costs

Ready to publish your own book? Fantastic! As you might guess, this post covers self-publishing both for Kindle and other ebooks as well as print books. This is a comprehensive post covering everything from formatting your book, launching your book, as well as book marketing.

Along the way, I am going to give you some approximate costs, ways to save money and time, as well as some pro-tips: places no doubt that I made huge mistakes and you won’t have to!

Good News vs. Bad News

The good news- no great news is that there’s never been a better time to be an author. Especially if you’re a first time author or someone who is in their ‘next chapter’ (sorry) and wants to follow their writing dreams. The internet and the rise of indie publishing has made it possible- even easy to get published.

Now for the Bad News: Self-publishing, while not difficult can be hard. It is a long haul – in some cases writing the book is the easy part! But: you can do it. This post will offer a guide as to the costs of self-publishing along with major areas you that deserve your attention.

To make it a little easier to follow, I am going to address the major self-publishing topics and divide each into Ebook publishing as well as Print publishing. (For the purposes of this post and since it is friendlier to first-time authors, print publishing will address only print-on-demand.)

Here are the major areas of self-publishing and the approximate costs associated with each. Careful: don’t just skim this and take it as gospel. Read this thoroughly and decide for yourself what you need. Also, at the bottom of this post I am going to make my recommendations what you really need based on my successes and FAILURES!

A Very Rough Breakdown:

  • Writing, Editing, and Formatting Your Book: $500 – $2500
  • Promotion and Launch: $0 – Hundreds
  • Audio Books: $0- $200 per hour of finished product
  • Marketing Your Book: $250 – $2000
  • Author Website and Building Your Platform: $0 – $100 per month”
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