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Wordpreneur Peeps logoIndie author Susan HatlerAfter graduating from California State University Hayward with a BA in Philosophy, international bestselling author Susan Hatler found herself going through several “real” jobs in the legal and insurance fields. Then she figured out that her “real” job is “the job she makes real” (and why, she wonders, didn’t anyone tell her before).

So now she’s a full-time writer. And successful self-publisher.

Predominantly focusing on humorous contemporary romance and YA novels, Susan says there are “a never-ending amount of stories in my head and I’d need to be at the keyboard 24/7 to get them all out… actually, that probably wouldn’t be enough time.” But you can bet she’s doing what she can to get them out for us to read!

How Susan Got Started Self-Publishing

Love at First Date by Susan Hatler“I decided to self-publish because of the creative freedom and the immediacy of publication,” says Susan. She gets to write what she wants to write, in other words, not necessarily limited to what a publisher wants to buy. “It feels amazing to have creative license to delve into exactly what my muse is telling me to.”

As an example, Susan’s romance short story, My Last Blind Date, stayed for weeks on Amazon’s list of top 100 bestsellers. Readers loved the story’s characters, and told Susan. they wanted to see more stories with them. So Susan decided to write another short story, this time around the heroine’s best friend, Ellen. That story, Love at First Date, turned out three times longer than intended and veered off in a different direction than originally planned.  “But no worries,” Susan winks, “because I gave the author approval.” When that book was ready, it was out on the market and on sale the very next day. “No delay time for my readers who were waiting for Ellen’s story. So fun!”

Self-Publishing Tips and Observations

  • “As an ebook convert — and no, I didn’t think I’d ever make the switch —  I’m amazed at the ease at which a book goes global. Thanks to Amazon, my ebooks are currently available in nine different countries mere hours after I click upload.”
  • “My advice for authors who want to self-pub? Write the book of your heart, edit until it shines, then if you’re ready to publish it — you can.”

Learn more about Susan and her work by visiting her Amazon author page and her website

Originally published: April 16, 2013