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Indie author M PaxWordpreneur Peeps logoAuthor of The Backworlds sci-fi series and the new adult urban fantasy series Hetty Locklear, M. Pax lives in Central Oregon with her husband and two cats. Summers she docents as a star guide at Pine Mountain Observatory, and she credits watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon when she was a kid as the reason she’s fascinated with space and what’s out there. The M., by the way, stands for Mary.

How M. Pax Got Started Self-Publishing

The Backworlds by M PaxActive on social media, Mary bumped into Lindsay Buroker online. Lindsay was already epublishing and encouraged Mary to put her free reads up on Smashwords and other ebook platforms. Thousands read her stories, and she started to establish a strong fan following. Mary was hooked after that.

She decided that going indie was the best option for her. It suited her personality and independent nature. But she has not ruled out the possibility of working with small presses and traditional publishing avenues. “There are pluses and minuses to each one,” she says. “The beauty in this day and time is a writer can change her mind.”

Self-Publishing Observations and Tips

  • Mary makes it a point that her editors have bylines in her Amazon listings. “I want folks to know, if they’re looking, that my work is professionally edited. It matters to some.”
  • “Professional editing is important. Critique partners are, too. If you can’t handle feedback from them, you’re not ready for public reviews.”
  • “Network with other writers. They can be a big help when starting out. Imitate those who have been successful.”
  • “Never stop learning. Never believe you know it all.”
  • “Always be generous and give back, and keep moving forward.”

Learn more about M. Pax by visiting her Amazon author page and website. You can find a full list of her titles and publications on Goodreads.

Originally published: January 15, 2013