peeps: Kate Harper

Wordpreneur Peeps logoIndie author Kate HarperKate Harper is the author and publisher of How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Steps for Short Documents. For over a decade, she taught adult education in the San Francisco Bay Area and then became a card and gift designer. She is active in the podcast, art licensing and DIY communities, and has a special interest in creating public “street art” in her local community.

How Kate Got Started Self-Publishing eBooks

Since Kate had some technical skills, she volunteered to help a friend publish a poetry book for the Kindle. But before she began work on it and to minimize the possibility of errors, she wanted to practice on another document first. So Kate published a travel article she had sitting around on her computer, not expecting that anyone would even notice that it was published and available on Amazon.

How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle by Kate HarperShe was surprised to get a few sales the very first month her travel article “book” was up for sale. But surprise then turned into amazement when sales kept increasing each month, up to ten times a day!

After that unexpected and very encouraging start, Kate decided to start publishing articles on her area of expertise, gift and product design. She pulled content from her design blog, Kate Harper Designs, and also published parts of a manual she’d written on the greeting card business. Sales were strong. Kate explained that information on gift design is hard to find, and very few books have been written on the subject.

It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for Kate, and she believes there are many untapped possibilities publishing articles on the Kindle for writers who have enthusiasm for all kinds of topics. “I believe the future looks bright,” she said, “especially for people who want to live and work in the creative sphere.”

Kate currently has eight Kindle Edition ebooks selling on Amazon, including How to Publish and Sell Your Article… and 20 Steps to Art Licensing: How to Sell Your Designs to Card and Gift Companies. Visit the Kate Harper author page on Amazon to see the complete list.

Originally published: October 24, 2012