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Set Up Your Wordpreneur Connect Account

I decided to set up a social/discussion area for us and we now have a “mini-Facebook” up and running now. I call it Wordpreneur Connect (check it out!).

It’s actually quite powerful. I would have been happy with just a discussion forum, but if you explore Connect a bit, you’ll find my “mini- Facebook” description quite apropos.


Sign up for a free Wordpreneur Connect account (yes, yet another @#$%^!* account to sign up for… sorry about that… but hopefully this’ll be the last). It auto-confirms by email.

Once your account is confirmed and established, log in, then click on the GROUPS menu option. You’ll see the Contributors group listed. To its right, click on the Request Membership button. I will have to approve membership requests to this “private” area manually.

Yup, this Contributor group will be our little area on the Connect site. What this also suggests is that I am planning on opening up Connect to EVERYONE interested in joining us there. Basically, help us establish a COMMUNITY of writers, authors, bloggers, publishers, etc.

But let’s learn this neat, feature-rich community by using it ourselves first. So please, join me on Connect and let’s see how we can maybe build this into something truly fun and useful!



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