• wp reader 046

    Reader 046

    Issue 046 Yeah, you’ll need to be a member, but it’s free. As mentioned previously, I’m adding more useful Wordpreneur tools and content to our private Wordpreneur Notebook. Started off with Reader Bookmarks, and how I’m moving all Wordpreneur Peeps indie author interviews into the Notebook. Lots more coming. Oh, and I’ve decided to start […]

  • wp reader 102218

    Reader 10/22/18 Edition

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you have not, since I haven’t really been pushing it. I set it up initially, pretty much as an afterthought, since I wanted to provide our Reader Bookmarks feature that lets you bookmark and organize any of the featured content you find in the Wordpreneur Reader. I figured, “What the […]

  • wp reader 101918

    Reader 10/19/18 Edition

    A goldmine of online publishing and marketing tools, that is. And yes, that’s even if your hosting is the really cheap budget kind, especially if you’re with one of the more mainstream providers. Web hosting services today (versus the ones I first started with, which was way back in the 90s) are very competitive. And […]

  • wp reader 101718

    Reader 10/17/18 Edition

    The automated kind. These bozos send spambots scouring the Web for contact forms (like mine) — these usually send emails to concealed contact addresses — then the bots use them to automatically send commercial messages (aka spam!). If you do this, I believe I speak for every site owner when I say, “ef you.” I […]

  • wp reader 101218

    Reader 10/12/18 Edition

    And it works every time. Significantly. Maybe these two very simple tips will be helpful to you too. The first is to make a list of exactly what I want to accomplish in the time I have. A TO DO list if you will. A detailed one, Or as much detail as needed, anyway. The […]