The Sims Family Generator

The Fake Name Generator has already been featured in the Toolbox, and this just happens to be one of its supplementary apps I didn’t know about until recently, stumbled upon as I was clicking around over there.

My interest in it has zero to do with The Sims and revolves around knowing that for some people, naming characters, especially minor supporting ones, can be a pain in the you-know-what. For a standard family unit, this handy little tool makes doing that really dirt easy and practically effortless.

First select how many family members to generate names for en masse (e.g., a mom, dad, and three kids is 5 members), then select ethnicity/geo area. Click on Generate and the app spits out a surname and five randomly generated first name + surname pairs. It’s that simple!

Keep the ones you like, fine-tune gender options if you want, then regenerate. It won’t touch the ones you’ve decided to keep, but will generate replacements for everything else. Keep doing that cycle until you’ve get a collection of names you’re pleased with.

For example, I want to name the members of a family of five, immigrants from China, with a mom, dad, two daughters and a son.  In just a few seconds, you’re now ready to be introduced to Chung Ku (dad), Li Hua Ku (mom), and their three children, daughters Ting Ku and Lan Ku, and their little son, Yong Ku.

Cool, huh?

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