Smodin Author (AI Writer and Text Generator)

I actually find this tool and its potential fascinating. Not for cheating and having a machine automatically generate essays and articles for us, but for something you’ll probably find of value:

It’s one hell of an automated brainstorming and research tool.

As the title suggests, Smodin uses AI tech to generate essays and articles. All you need to do is enter a writing prompt of five words or more, select options, and let it do its thing. That’s all there is to it.

A lot depends on the writing prompt you enter, obviously, but from my tests with short and simple prompts, the results are impressively intuitive. The quality of the writing itself is irrelevant, as far as I’m concerned; that only matters if you want to cheat, and the notion of presenting any of it as one’s own work isn’t even worth spit addressing. But what I do find intriguing and useful is that the output is often conceptually insightful, and frequently stimulates ideas and different directions with your writing, much like discussing the topic (the prompt) with your peers.

Like I said, brainstorming. This thing can be a virtual team for that. I’ve also come to learn that the tool also intelligently scrapes the Web on the fly for prompt-related content, and its selections have been pretty spot on and helpful from what I’ve seen.

That’s why I like it, and recommend you writers check it out.

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