Scraft AI Writing Partner

When scoping out AI-powered writing tools, it’s common to see the “write it for you” approach among the tools that it’s almost ubiquitous. This one’s different, and frankly, likely very helpful for a good number of folks.

Scraft is a new tool. So fresh, in fact, it’s currently in public beta. The way they’ve set that up is we’re the public, so we can go right on the site, set up an account, and start using it for free. They’re looking for feedback, questions, suggestions and ideas in exchange, assuming any’s forthcoming of course. But when you learn what it’s about, the idea that you may have a hand in helping shape this nifty resource’s evolution may be quite appealing to you.

Scraft is like having a writing partner and developmental editor for your reports, articles, essays, blog posts, etc. It doesn’t write (that’s your job); what it does is it “helps you organize ideas and craft better arguments by asking mind-stimulating questions.” It helps you think things through, in other words, as you progress through the writing project.

Just enter a topic you want to write about. Scraft gives you practically step-by-step general structure guidance (intro, arguments, conclusion). Off to the side, you’ll see some leading questions to help stimulate what to write about. For instance, if I want to write about blog SEO, a couple of the guiding questions are: “How can I improve my blog’s SEO?” and “What are some common mistakes bloggers make with SEO?”

Click on any one of those questions, and you can have Scraft give you an answer to the question. Like for that last question, it said, “Some common mistakes bloggers make with SEO include not optimizing their content for search engines, not using keywords in their titles and descriptions, and not building links to their content.” Short, useful, and a good outline to expand upon.

After you’ve written stuff down, click on Next Step, and it proceeds to analyze what you’ve written, and like a good editor really, it gives you more tips and guiding questions, even links to articles it’s found on the Web for research and further reading on your topic. Just keep going like that until the piece is in the shape you want.

At this beta stage, I suggest you copy and save your work locally as you go along, just in case. But even this early, I think you’ll likely find it already quite a big help in getting your writing work done!

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