You’ve likely seen articles and posts online that give you a reading time estimate—how much time they figure the average reader will take to read the whole post or article. I think they’re nifty, not to mention helpful—if a visitor can see it’s not going to take much time at all to read a post, even if it looks like there’s a lot of text, it just makes it more likely they’ll actually read it. If you want to add the same bit of info to your articles and posts, check out the free Read-o-Meter.

I’ve only recently started looking around for these. Already I’ve come across a few that’ll give you an estimate for a whole webpage (just enter the URL), but I think their estimates miss the mark a skootch since they’re doing all the content on that page, not just the article/post.

The Read-o-Meter, on the other hand, will only give an estimate for whatever you copy-and-paste manually into it, which will then give you a much better estimate, based on an average reading speed of 200 words per minute (wpm).

There likely are other tools out there that automate the process well. When I come across a good one, I’ll share that here. The Read-o-Meter, however, already does a bang up job for the non-lazy; just add it to your browser’s toolbar for easy, quick access, and copy and paste!

The estimated reading time for this short Toolbox post, for example, is just 1 minute, 14 seconds. Cool!

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