What’s a portmanteau? That’s when you morph or blend words together, taking elements from each, to form a new word, typically to try and communicate multiple meanings into a single word.

There’s one right in front of you: wordpreneur is a portmanteau, coined from “word” and “entrepreneur.” So are internet (interconnected + network), motel (motor + hotel), and spork (spoon + fork). 

Great for branding, of course, especially for the Internet and finding an unused unique domain name, which is why I came up with wordpreneur in the first place decades ago (yup, I first registered it back in 1999). You know where else they come in handy? Fiction. In some genres, they’re even expected.

Portmanteaur is a tool that makes it easier to coin them.

Enter up to five words (although, honestly, I think more than two is nuts), and Portmanteaur will generate lists of portmanteaus it creates from them. Most will be outright duds. But there’s often gold in there somewhere.

Curiously, I tried combining variations of “word” with “entrepreneur,” and not once did wordpreneur pop up in its generated lists. So, use it as a tool to assist you for ideas, but nothing beats your own creativity.

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