Pen Name Generator

The site isn’t much to look at, inducing flashbacks to sites from the MySpace era, but don’t let that scare you off. In fact, it should pique your curiosity, make you wonder what possible treasures it has, with its proprietors feeling no need to upgrade its look.

A whole bunch of storycraft generators is what it has, and what brings me here in the first place is its Pen Name Generator. With a moniker like that, there should be no need to tell you what the tool is for.

First enter your name, or the base name you want it to work with. For a test, I entered John Jacob Schmidt (it only has three fields for this, so bye bye Jingleheimer). Then it asks you to fill out a curious form, asking questions like your favorite unisex namefirst street you lived on, a positive adjective to describe yourself.

Except for the base name, I frankly see no need for any of that, so opted instead to click on the Suggest button next to each field (which is a nice convenient touch) and filled out the form with their suggestions. I then clicked on the Write me some pen names button, and boy, did it.

It gave me a whole list of them. Many are duds. But quite a number of them are definite possibilities. It generates them in genre groups—general, crime, romance, etc. The general and derivative names are where I see most of the possibilities (John J. Steel, J. J. Schaffer, Gino Schmidt, etc.). The genre ones use the form responses, and the results can be quite wonky, but the list does stimulate ideas for pen names, even character names.

Worth playing with. Fun too!

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