Paraphrase Tool

There are more than a few tools out there that will paraphrase written content for you, and I have no idea which one’s best, or even just good. I don’t use them. But they’re fun to fiddle around with sometimes, and I suppose there’s no shortage of legit reasons why you’ll want to use one, particularly if you’re a copywriter.

Whatever your objective for wanting the help of one, this one’s worth trying out. I recently stumbled upon it, and had some fun checking out what it can do.

As its name makes abundantly clear, it paraphrases stuff for you. For 1,000 characters or less, it’ll do it for free. You can even select different styles you want its AI to generate, although a few of them (e.g., academic, creative, formal, etc.) are available only to premium users. But it still has a dozen styles to choose from that costs nothing, and I amused myself playing with those.

Some of what it spits out is actually interesting and useful. But the reality is, it’s hit-or-miss—you’ll definitely need to sweat, review and edit all that it generates to make sure the results are satisfactory. So, if you’re planning on using this thing as an easy plagiarizer, you’d be a stupid head.

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